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Happy New Age

Skipping quickly over the long-overdue-ness of this post, I would like to quickly wish everybody a happy new year for 2012, and welcome you all to the last year of your lives. Okay, I'll admit it - when I was younger (and more impressionable) I believed that the turn of the Millennium was going to result in the end of the world as we knew it (my bet was on nuclear war caused by ex-Soviet Bloc countries not keeping their computer systems up-to-date). But I was only 99% sure, so I decided to get my family and closest friends together for the Millennium just to party, thinking that if I was wrong, we'd only have major hangovers to recover from, but that if I was right, I'd be building a new world from the burnt-out ashes of the old one shoulder-to-shoulder with the people most important to me at the time. And then... Nothing happened!
It was that time that I first started getting interested in conspiracy-theories (the death of Lady-D and the success of X-Files being major contributors!), but it wasn't until years later that I saw a video of Bill Clinton talking about the 'rising sun' (if you don't know what I'm on about, click here) in his State of the Union address of 2000. For my small but dedicated audience, I apologise for repeating shit you already know - but they had planned on sticking a golden capstone on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza to mark the millennium, until some Islamic extremist pilot shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and crashed the plane into the sea, thus killing America's dream of donating the capstone and symbolically 'completing the great work', etc. etc. (Old news to most of us by now!).
But it occured to me that maybe the symbolic INcompletion of the Great Work was in fact the actual beginning, and the Mayan Calendar 2012 End Of The World-thing is the end of it. This would complete exactly 13 years (one for each year of the the number of stars on the original American flag, the current EU flag, etc.).
The changeover from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius is not an exact thing, and it makes sense that those who believe they can steer humanity in a particular direction would try to do so over an achieveable period of time (like 13 years) instead of literally overnight, as would have been the case if the Millennium Bug had been even half right.
At this point, I should just point out that it's nearly 5am on the first day of 2012, and I've been drinking all night! Nevertheless, despite a recent lack of blogging on this subject, I've been thinking for some time that all the Financial Crisis shit is the climax to the 13-year-long Millennium-switch. The 'hidden in plain view' thing doesn't even apply any more - they've made it clear to even the most un-conspiracy-theorist types that the short-term future includes killing off free/public healthcare/education etc. and a complete removal of the middle class. By the end of this year, you'll either be Working Class (ie. need to work to pay your bills), or Upper Class (ie. have an inherited fortune that will pay the bills for generations to come.
The battle-lines, long-since drawn (as mentioned here) will come to a head over the next year, and by 2013, we'll have a New Feudalism on a global scale. So what can you do? As you know, I like to end on a positive... (wait a minute, I'm thinking!)... Oh yeah - the Power have got so greedy and selfish that even they don't know that they're working to a schedule, and they're going to push the poor over the edge before the end of the year ahead. The outcome of the final battle (and the Setting Sun of the Mayan Calendar) will be either:
a) A total collapse of life as we know it (because of bloody revolution/riot/lawlessness)
b) Same old same old (the least likely, because everybody on every side of the battle are fed-up of the way things are!)
c) Something that is more or less like what we've got now, but with nobody giving a penny in tax or charity to the poor, and everyone looking out for number one.
So my happy end-note?
Spend the next year gathering your shit together, and make sure your not left standing with your cock in your hand. Save up (and convert it into gold, 'cos currency ain't worth the paper it's printed on!), dig in, and most importantly of all, be ready for the Big Fizzle - the chronic anti-climax that will follow the Not-The-End-Of-The-World. Because the Millennium Bug only hit the paranoid, but they've been drumming in the 2012 thing for everyone, so when there is no Apocalypse, everyone will think it was all a load of shit, and not realise that it really was the end. Your freedom only ends when you let it. Stand hard. And Love.
MonkeyPuzzla 2012

Osama Bin Lyin'

The ficticious character that was built up around a relative nobody from a fabulously rich family - Bin Laden - had served its purpose. The actor playing America's most hated man was no longer feared enough to keep people watching the soap-opera, so he was written out of the series.
And in an even more unbelievable plot-twist than the award-winning performance by Saddam Hussain in 'Death by hanging as filmed on a mobile phone', with this latest story-line THEY DIDN'T EVEN FILM IT!!! In fact, the only evidence it even happened was a lone Twitter-cast of an on-the-spot witness.
Do I believe that Bin Laden is dead? Maybe the question should be, 'did he ever exist in the first place?' If you live in Spain, you'll know that a couple of years ago, the leader of one of the Spanish political parties was photoshopped darker skin and used as the official face of what Bin Laden might look like without the beard!
The problem with creating a fictional character and putting them out onto the world stage, is that it soon becomes impossible to prove that they don't exist. Just because you catch your parents in the act of laying Christmas presents under the tree doesn't mean that Santa hadn't delegated the job to them!
So now what? Bin Laden had become something of a media joke - and what's the point having a bad-guy that nobody's scared of? The most important thing for the 'War on Terror' is to maintain fear of terrorism - so the international business consortium called al-Qaeda will go into bankrupcy, it's assets will be divided up between its subsidiary businesses (like Chechnya), and the smaller, more localised killing can resume.
Anyway, with Libya, we're all back to hating dictators instead of fearing terrorists - wasn't it Libyan terrorists that shot Dr Emmit Brown?! And they're remaking Back to the Future now!
The fact is that terrorism will continue to exist as long as there are shady government organisations prepared to carry it out and blame it on whoever the government doesn't like at the time - maybe Julian Assange will step up as the new leader of Al-Qaeda?!

Cowboys of the Wild Westernisation

Capitalism got scared recently. There were some bandits riding into town, robbing banks and undermining entire economies. Here in Europe, if you were a centre-left government leader, you could expect attacks from all sides until you agreed to impliment right-wing economic policy.
But now that the financial crisis is fading into memory (in every context except our long-overdue inflation-based pay-rises!), we see the pale faces of colonisers marching the plains once more.
But this time, the white man (and in the WASP-West, Obama is on their team) is spreading democracy in the Middle East instead of civilisation in the Wild West. Just like those Puritan founding fathers, the modern missionaries will aloow the death-slaughter-massacre of millions of darker-skinned "savages" in order to teach them how to be more like us. So now, with protests all over the Middle-East, and democracy spreading like a plague, Hilary Clinton throwing $25 million to dissidents who use social networks to protest against oppressive regimes (and not even smiling when stating that Wikileaks was not the same thing at all!), if we step back, we can see a very dangerous void emerging.
Like them or loathe them, dictators in the Middle East have tended to prevent the spread of extremis. Saddam's Iraq might not have had freedom of speech, but at least there weren't bombs going off every few days. Once these nations have democratic elections, muslim extremists like the Taliban (the offshoot of the US/British supported Mujahideen from the old cold war) will be voted into power.
Meanwhile, in Europe, Merkel (Germany), then Cameron (UK), then Sarkosy (France), and now Burlosconi (Italy) have all said that "multi-culturalism isn't working". If I was a European Muslim and heard the leader of my country's elected government saying that, I'd be very afraid. Wasn't that what the Catholic Kings said in Spain just before they started burning heretics?

War & Peace Presidents

I always thought it kind of stunk that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize simply by virtue of not being George Bush - I'm not George Bush either, and I don't see any international organisation giving me a check for 250,000 dollars!
The invasion of Libya this week got me thinking, though. Exactly what are the differences between the self-proclaimed War President (Bush 2), and the Nobel-proclaimed Peace President (Obama)? The physical black & white has already been mentioned in a previous post (here), but what about the timing of the invasion? Comparing dates of key events is made simple by the fact that both presidents were inaugarated on 20th January (2001 and 2009). The Invasion of Iraq began on 20th March 2003 - a war aimed at ousting a dictator in an oil-rich country. When did the Invasion of Libya begin (also a war aimed at ousting a dictator of an oil-rich country)? You guessed it - 20th March 2011 - exactly 790 days into each presidents' first term in office.
This overlapping of history doesn't fit perfectly for all major events - obviously if there had been a terrorist attack on or around 11th September 2009 we would have all noticed! - BUT we do find that on the 9th September 2009, Obama became the first US president to preside over a UN Security Council meeting. Okay, no major correlation there, I suppose. But HEY!!! What about the invasion of Afghanistan? That happened on the 7th October 2001, right? And Obama didn't invade anyone around that time did he? No. He received the Nobel Peace Prize! (two days later, on the 9th of October). So he didn't just get the Nobel Prize for not being George Bush - it was also to show that he was the Peace President because he did not invade an oil-rich nation on that day!

Internet Battlelines

The battlelines are finally being drawn with regard to the internet. There's been far too much freedom of speech on the internets for far too long (famous exceptions like Iran, & China not withstanding). The problem 'democratic' countries have with the internet is that they can't be seen to be controlling it. This superficial 'freedom' meant that everything was available to view, but that through your ISP, the authorities would always know exactly who you are and what you've been looking at. But with the ongoing Wikileaks scandal, we see western governments getting very uncomfortable about the idea of freedom of information (it used to be journalists who researched whistleblowing stories like Watergate - but nowadays, they're all too busy churning out whatever the corporation tells them). So they've done something so 1984ish that it'd be laughable if it wasn't so FUCKING FRIGHTENING!!!! - they've arrested the founder of the website for sexual abuse charges. So they're not worried about his website then? Only his sexual conduct. This proves a theory I've had for quite some time - namely that anyone who gets close enough to the truth only has to be accused of being a pedophile or a terrorist, and they've got the excuse to break into your house and kidnap your computer. The fact that I still have mine, sadly (and humblingly) means that I'm not a big enough fish.
The thing that worries me is Anonymous (see their manifesto HERE). It's not that I'm against the movement - far from it. The problem is that if we're already at the stage where we need the internet equivalent of guerrilla warfare then it means one of two things. Either 'They' have already won - we actually live in a world where there is no freedom, only the illusion of such, or Anonymous are picking a fight that is going to do nothing more than give 'Them' an excuse to tighten up on what freedoms we actually DO have (personally, I think it's somewhere between the two).
Other signs that there's an info-war going on is the fact that the US government has just shut 80-something websites down for illegal activities ranging from selling viagra to listing torrent files. Personally, I agree that dealing in illegal pharmaceuticals is not a particularly defendible use of the internet, the listing of torrent files is much more worrying. Whether these sites are in breach of copyright or not is less important than the use of torrents for spreading information. Movie companies are quite happy to put out poor quality torrents (they act like adverts for the films, and more people go the the cinema now then ever). So the copyright war is only about shutting down the free flow of information.
Even Wikileaks namesake Wikipedia has had cease-operations warnings, because they dared do something deplorable to Puritans - include sexual information in an encyclopedia. (At this point, I apologise if I'm going on too long, but this is the most important post I've made to date) I remember as a teenager, choosing the Oxford English dictionary over the Collins specifically because it included the word FUCK. Not that I only use dictionaries for looking up rude words, the fact was that even at 17 I was worried that if they missed out a swear word (an English word nonetheless), what other words are they censoring without even telling you. Like it or not, an encyclopedia is supposed to be objective. If you don't want your child to learn about sex, don't let them use the internet (or talk to other kids at school, or have friends at all, or watch TV, etc...).
What can you do?
I wouldn't recommend joining Anonymous (simply because an organisation without a clear hierarchy is incredibly susceptible to infiltation from the very enemy they would seek to destroy (but I do want to wish all Anonymous members good luck, and please don't turn on me!).
Instead, I believe that something we can all do is save to your hardrive whatever webpages you believe may be in danger of closure (including this blog, if I ever write anything important enough to get me blacklisted!). The technological equivalent of a bookburning is going on. Every dictatorship in history has burned libraries, and the books that have survived are the ones that people have kept in secret. The problem now is that we read these things online and leave them there, assuming they will always be there. THEY WILL NOT!!! Sooner or later, you're favourite conspiracy theory page or underground music scene page, or whatever else floats your boat page will display "the page you are looking for is unavailable". You won't even know it's been censored - you'll just think your browser's knackered.
Good luck, friends. And whichever side you're on, I send you love.


Just a quick entry with some interest from a numerology perspective. Today being the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the present millennium, I was flicking through recent news stories on the BBC, and came across this (Breakthrough in Chile mine). The Chile mine story is interesting anway because there are 33 miners (a key figure for Scottish Rite freemasonry, as most readers well know). But then the numerology gets more interesting, when you realise that the breakthrough happened 66 days after the initial accident. Synchronicity makes this story numerologically read: 33-66-10-10-10. No conspiracy angle for this story, just nice number sequencing!
(I would like to offer my personal congratulations to all those involved, and wish them the best for the remainder of the rescue mission.)

Whether today holds anything else in store (maybe at 10:10am!) remains to be seen (it's only 00:31am at time of writing), but unless I've added anything else after this post, it was a normal day just like the ninth of September last year, the eighth of August the year before, etc. etc. (Unless something SO major happened that I'm unable to write an entry to comemorate it - in which case, you probably wouldn't be reading it either!!)

Update: One last interesting point on the Chile Mine (they were all saved in the end, in case you didn't know!). When the President made his speech after the first miner was brought to the surface, he observed that "today is the 13th day of the 10th of the 10th. If you add those numbers together, you get the magic number, 33" - I was amazed when I heard him specifically saying the "magic" number.
I'm not the only one to notice this - check this story here.